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Outfitting your entire commercial business with all the IT equipment and software you need can be tasking. Instead of working with separate vendors that may or may not be compatible with your current systems, turn to Chills & Thrills, Inc. We specialize in providing turnkey networking services to businesses in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

We can set up your entire IT department with the products and support they need. Learn more about our networking services by calling us today.

Browse our list of networking installation options

Browse our list of networking installation options

We have a wide range of products that can be purchased and scheduled for your networking installation. You can count on us for:

  • Calibration services
  • Installation and management services
  • Consultation and design services
  • Lighting and fixture installations
  • Video display and screen distribution services
  • Theme integration services
  • Documentation and maintenance support services
  • Testing and verification services
  • Full-service CCTV and DVR implementation services

Invest in the simplest networking installation service. Hire our team today to start building your customized networking services package.